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55 Alive Driver Safety Online Course

You can do this by taking the AARP 55 Alive Driver safety Refresher Program, a motor vehicle accident prevention course for persons age 50 and over.

Students learn defensive driving techniques, how to compensate for normal age-related changes in vision, hearing, and reaction time, how to deal with aggressive drivers and much more. AARP 55 Alive online senior citizens driver safety course is designed to help senior drivers recognize their physical limitations and learn how to best compensate for them.

This 55 Alive Driving 4-hour Course presented by the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) is intended for people who have completed the 8-hour session and would like to renew their certification. The senior driver safety course must be repeated at three-year intervals to maintain eligibility for the discount.

Mature Drivers completing the course are eligible for reductions in auto insurance premiums. Policyholders should contact their insurance agency for more information on insurance discounts.

This 55 alive online course is not only to refresh older motorists on some of the basics of driving, but also to update you on some of the changes in driving since they first obtained your licenses. Independent evaluations of 55 Alive graduates have demonstrated a reduction in traffic violations and accidents that result in injuries or fatalities.

55 Alive Driving Course Minnesota

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55 Alive Mature Driving 4 Hour Refresher Online Course
The 4-hour refresher course is for those individuals who have completed the 8-hour defensive driving program and need to renew their certification.

55 Alive Mature Driving 8 Hour Online Course
55 Alive Mature Driving is an innovative online class driver retraining program for persons age 55 and over that is designed to help improve their driving skills. This 8-hour course is geared to the specific needs of older motorists.

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Note: Minnesota state law requires all insurance companies to give a premium deduction to all persons who complete this accident prevention course.

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