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What is the difference between Arizona Defensive Driving Course and Traffic Survival School Online?

In Arizona it is important to discuss Defensive Driving School (DSS) vs. Traffic Survival School (TSS). People often refer to “traffic school” when they are referring to two very different courses. In Arizona, Defensive Driving School (DDS) is different from Traffic Survival School (TSS). You may be eligible to take a Defensive Driving School (DDS) course to remove a violation from your driving record otherwise known as your Motor Vehicle Record (MVR).

To be eligible for Defensive Driving School (DDS):

  • You have been charged with a moving violation.
  • You must not have attended a Defensive Driving School (DDS) course with the past 2 years.
  • No one must have been seriously injured or killed in the incident that led to the violation you wish to remove by attending the Defensive Driving School (DDS) course.
  • You must not have a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL).
  • Your case has not been set for a civil traffic hearing.

Attending a Defensive Driving School (DDS) course is typically done to remove a violation from one’s driving record and is voluntary and not required to maintain your privilege to drive.

You must select one of the options below for each civil traffic violation listed on your ticket

Option 1 – Attend Defensive Driving School
Option 2 - Plead ‘responsible’ and pay your fine by mail, phone
Option 3 - Request a Hearing in Absentia
Option 4 - Plead ‘not responsible’ and request a hearing

You may only select this option for ONE moving violation on your citation. If you choose this option you will not owe fines to the Court but you must pay a registration fee to the driving school. If you complete the defensive driving online program or attend a class at least 7 days before your court date, the charge will be dismissed and no conviction will appear on your driving record.

Traffic Survival School (TSS): however is different story. Arizona Online Traffic Survival School - Click Here (TSS) is ordered by a court or the Motor Vehicles Division (MVD) as a result of being found guilty or responsible for certain violations or a combination of multiple violations. There are many court adjudications that will trigger being required to attend Traffic Survival School (TSS). Some examples are criminal driving behavior, an accumulation of points due to multiple violations, more than one violation by a teenage driver or a single red light violation.

Taking Traffic Survival School is mandated by Arizona Department of Transportation Motor Vehicle Division (MVD) for the type of violation you received. An 8-hour Drivers Safety class is mandated either by MVD or Court ordered by a Judge.

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Arizona Defensive Driving Course:If you've received a moving violation in Arizona, you may be able to attend Arizona Defensive Driving Course.
Defensive Driving Class is a voluntary 4-hour class designed for individuals who wants to remove points from your traffic citation, who have received only a minor ticket and have not had a traffic ticket in the past two years.

If you are eligible to attend this drivers safety course, then at the completion of the class the points associated with the violation are erased.

Here is the Difference:

Arizona Defensive Driving Class Arizona MVD Traffic Survival School (TSS) Online
• If you received a traffic ticket and would like to have the ticket dismissed, take Defensive Driving course Online. • If you received a Traffic Survival School letter from ADOT, register Arizona Traffic Survival School
• 4-Hour Course, is a Diversion Attendance Course • 8-hour Driver Safety class
• For individuals who received a traffic ticket for a non-serious violation • For individuals who have received a major ticket or have acquired 8 or more points on their MVR, or have a red light conviction.
• Court-ordered • Mandated either by MVD or Court
• To remove points from your traffic citation/dismiss your AZ traffic ticket and helps you avoid insurance premium hikes • Completion of the course won't erase points but points stay on your record but you will be a much safer driver
• Can be completed once every 24 months • If you have attended a Defensive Driving class within the last 24 months you are not eligible to take another, and must take a Traffic Survival Class.

Arizona Point System

Here is the a few common traffic violations that carry points as follows

Important to note is the fact that if you plead responsible or guilty, or are found responsible or guilty for a violation that will result in being ordered to complete Traffic Survival School (TSS), you must drive carefully for the next 2 years. Arizona drivers should take note of the fact that once you have been required to attend a Arizona Traffic Survival School (TSS) online course, any moving violation for the next 2 years will trigger a minimum 3 month suspension of your privilege to drive.

Arizona online defensive driving course is approved in all the counties:

Attend defensive driving school to remove one traffic violation from your driving record.
If you get a ticket for a driving infraction, Arizona defensive driving course can keep those “points” off your driver’s license.
AZ online Traffic School is designed to provide sufficient time for all reading levels and tracks time on task. Arizona law mandates a minimum of 4-hours and a maximum 4.5 hr course. The programming insures timeline compliance. Arizona defensive driving Online Course keep “points” off your license which would almost certainly lead to a rise in your auto insurance rates.

How much is traffic survival school in Arizona?

The cost of traffic survival school in Arizona is affordable and ranges from $100 to $250 based on the Arizona county and court. AZ traffic survival school fee includes mandatory court and state fees. Avoid points tarnishing your driving record and keep insurance premiums low!

The final quiz is not designed to fail you – just verify you actually read the course.

Arizona traffic survival school approved statewide and out of state as well. Register online route AZ defensive driving course to keep “points” off your license.

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