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Florida First-Time Drivers Ed Course
Getting your learner's permit is such an exciting thing and that's why we want your path to get there to be just as enjoyable. The state of Florida requires all new drivers to complete a certain amount of classroom training before being eligible to get their permit, but we know that you spend all week in classes at school and that's why we've created an alternative for you.

We have designed a Florida First Time Drivers Ed course that is entirely online, so you can access it from any computer with an internet connection. This Florida Drivers Ed course is even approved by the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, so it satisfies all of the same requirements as a classroom-based course, but without all of the hassle.

Online Drug and Alcohol test for Florida Learner's permit: Everything you need to help you ACE your Florida DMV exam and get your license including the TLSAE course.

About Florida Driver Education Courses

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Florida, our 4-hour, 100% online Traffic Law and Substance Abuse Education (TLSAE) course is approved by the state of Florida. This course must be completed before taking your DMV permit exam.

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Complete the Permit Exam online after you have completed the required TLSAE course. This exam consists of The Road Rules and The Road Signs test. In order to qualify for the online DHSMV exam, you must have completed the TLSAE from us.

Florida First Time Driver Course (TLSAE) and DHSMV Permit Exam ONLINE
Complete both the course and exam ONLINE for one low price in order to meet the requirements to obtain your Florida Drivers Permit. No waiting in line at the DHSMV, no making appointments.

Just do it Online - Florida Permit Test
One really great thing about taking this Florida Drivers Ed course is that it qualifies you to take your Florida permit test online. That's right; you can take your Florida permit test online! This is the only course that is approved to offer you the Florida permit test online, so you really don't need much more incentive than that. This driver education offers:
  • A fun and entertaining way to prepare for your Florida permit test online
  • Convenience and affordability all in one!
This Florida driver education course consists of eight units and each one covers a different driver-related issue. You can log in and out of this course as many times as you like, so you can complete it in multiple sessions and at a pace that is comfortable for you. There are short quizzes at the end of each unit to help you review what you have just learned and you can take them as many times as you need.

When you have finished the course in its entirety then you are eligible to take your Florida permit test online. This means that you can get your learner's permit without ever having to step foot in the DMV, or wait in any lines. Log on right now and you can get started on your future today.

The Florida DMV drug and alcohol test is broken into eight units and is designed to take you four hours to complete. The course will cover lessons about how alcohol and drugs affect your driving, the laws and responsibilities in Florida, safe driving techniques, and how to increase your awareness on the roadways. There are graphics, videos, and 3-D animations in every unit so you can have fun and stay interacted while you work. The multiple-choice quizzes after every unit are so you can review everything you have learned in the lesson.

You can log in and out of the 4 hour drug and alcohol test as much as you want and your coursework will automatically be saved for you every time.

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Florida First Time Driver Education Course. Simple. Easy. Convenient. Hassle Free. It's EXACTLY what you've been looking for. So, go ahead, start down the road to getting your Florida Learners Permit or license by signing up today!

Florida TLSAE/Drug & Alcohol Course: First-time Driver's Ed

Satisfy your Florida Drivers Ed requirements for getting your Learners Permit AND take your DHSMV Permit Test online!
  • No having to take the course at the DMV
  • No waiting in line.
  • No making an appointment.
  • Just a simple, easy and time-efficient way to get your Florida Learners Permit.

Our Online Florida Drivers Ed Course is the easiest way to meet your requirements for getting your Florida Learners Permit. Also known as Florida First Time Driver Ed, Florida Traffic Law and Substance Abuse Education Course (TLSAE), Drug Alcohol Traffic Education (D.A.T.E), Drug & Alcohol Course or Drug and Alcohol Class, and Alcohol Drugs Accident Prevention Training (A.D.A.P.T.) our Florida drivers education course is designed with you in mind - teenagers with a busy schedule.

Can’t wait to take your Florida learner permit test or get your license?
The State of Florida mandates all first-time driver license applicants to take the drug and alcohol test online four-hour Course in order to get their learners permit. Florida Drivers Ed Course is the easiest way to meet your requirements for getting your Florida Learners Permit.

This Driver Ed - 4 hour drug and alcohol course is absolutely for you! Online 4 hour drug and alcohol test includes topics such as road signs, road rules, effects of alcohol and drugs, collisions, vehicle systems and its maintenance and sharing the road with others.

And to make it even better - once you've completed our Florida Drivers Ed course, you'll be automatically registered to take your DHSMV Florida Learners Permit exam ONLINE.

With unlimited log-ons and offs, so you can study ONLY when you're ready. And because you'll be studying on your time, when you want, and in a setting that you want to be in - you'll learn more. You'll absorb it quicker. And you'll remember it longer. So when you get ready to take your final exam, the answers will come easier. And that means a MUCH great chance of success

Study your Florida drivers ed online at your convenience from any computer. Fast and easy. Then take your DHSMV exam online. It just doesn’t get any better than this.

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