DONE - Texas Defensive Driving Course Online

Take the course to reduce insurance rates, dismiss traffic tickets, and improve driver safety. Accepted by all courts in Texas for traffic ticket dismissal. Meets Ticket Dismissal & Insurance Reduction Requirement.

» Dismiss a Traffic Ticket!
» Keep your insurance rates low!
» And your driving record clear of the citation!

Texas driver’s safety course is a six hour online course identifying and promoting safe driving practices. You may be eligible to take this course for the dismissal of your traffic violation if you meet the statutory requirements. Many people elect to take a driver’s safety course for the dismissal of a citation. If the course is completed and accepted by the Court and the case is dismissed, State law prohibits insurance companies from holding the citation against you in determining your auto insurance rates.

Why take a Defensive Driving Course?
This defensive driving course is a great refresher course for drivers of all ages and has helped millions of drivers remain safe on today's roads. Texas defensive driving has designed the course to help you:

» Dismiss a traffic ticket
» Reduce your insurance premium (with participating insurance companies)
» Refresh your driving skills and learn the new Texas driving laws

An engaging educational experience.
This Texas defensive driving course is designed to be user friendly. You simply click into class wherever and whenever you choose from your own home or office and take the course on your own schedule. Complete 100% of your defensive driving on the internet. Your course includes entertaining numerous high definition videos, audio, graphics, and easy to read lessons. Best of all, it is possible to stop the course, catch up with life's interruptions, and then resume when convenient.

Texas Defensive Driving Course in Easy Steps!
You must complete the following steps within 90 days of the court order in order to take Texas driver’s safety course for the dismissal of a violation:

» Enroll and Complete Texas 6 Hour Defensive Driving course,

» Submit your certificate of completion and proof of insurance/financial responsibility within 90 days of the court order and

» Deliver driving record (A driving history) from the Department of Public Safety.

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The Texas Defensive Driving Course online features:

» State approved Course, accepted by all Texas Courts
» Online Course Only 6 Hours
» HD videos and interactive multimedia
» Easy to understand and remember!
» Easily Fits Your Schedule. Go at Your Own Pace
» Login Anywhere 24/7. Stop the course and then resume any time you desire.
» Also Works on tablets, smartphones, iPad or iPhone,
» 24/7 customer service available
» No Final Exam!

Who is eligible to take a driver’s safety course for the dismissal of a violation?
Under State law you are eligible to take a Texas driver’s safety course for the dismissal of a traffic violation if:

» You have not taken the course for the dismissal of a citation within the last (12) twelve months.
» You have a valid Texas driver’s license.
» You produce proof of financial responsibility in compliance with Texas Transportation Code, 601.053. Although there are other methods, the most common method of proof is an auto insurance liability policy, which conforms to the statue cited above.
» CDL licenses are excluded.

Are there some violations for which a driver’s safety course may not be taken?
You may NOT take a driver’s safety course for the dismissal of the following offenses:

» Reckless Driving
» Overtaking a School Bus Loading/Unloading
» Speeding 25 miles or more over the speed limit.
» Failure to Exchange Information and Render Aid at the Scene of an Accident
» Violations in Construction Zones When Workers are Present
» Failure to Maintain Financial Responsibility

How will I know if my proof of compliance is accepted?
Once you complete the course successfully, your certificate of completion will be sent to you via the shipping method you choose (regular US mail or one of our express delivery options). The certificate can then be turned into the court and insurance company as needed.

Your certificate must be delivered by you to the court to avoid penalties.

The certificate of completion and your proof of financial responsibility will be reviewed by the Court. If the judge accepts your documents, your case will be dismissed for the completion of a Texas driving safety course. No notice will be sent to you. The Court will notify you by mail if the paperwork is incomplete or if other problems with the case are found. You will receive instructions on how to proceed in resolving your case. An example is when the standard search of court records reveals that you took another defensive driving course for the dismissal of a ticket within the 12 month period. Payment of the fine in full is required under these circumstances.

This is far and away the best texas defensive driving course to learn so much from the course itself. It gives you a new awareness of potential hazards you had been so lax about after so many years of driving.