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Virginia Driver Improvement Course - Driving School Online

How to maintain safe driving points balance Virginia drivers license:

Every newly licensed Virginia driver starts out with 0 points. There are negative points for certain moving violations or suspensions. However, for each year WITHOUT a traffic violation, you can earn one positive point (+1) on to your DMV record, up to a max of +5 good points. Those traffic infractions (violations) range either -3 point, -4 point or -6 points depending on the seriousness, which carry demerit (negative) points on driving record.

For instance
A driver starts at Zero, been driving for 5 years, meanwhile received a 3 point ticket, now he is at +2. Next year, with no tickets, now he is at +3. Taking a Virginia Driver Improvement clinic program adds +5 safe driving points to current point balance. This course is limited to once in 5 years.

Having -12 negative points on the driving record may lead to drivers license suspension by DMV, only if you accumulate too them quickly.

Virginia Driver Improvement Course Online
Take this Virginia 8-Hour Driver Improvement program, if you received a ticket in Virginia or were court ordered to take a driving course.  Following are Driver Improvement Courses offered in Virginia. DMV-Approved & All Done Online! Virginia State Court & DMV Approved 8-hour Online Course. Remove 5 Points. Insurance Discount. Same Day Certificate Processing.

DMV Approved Courses:

  • Court Required - Point Reduction
  • Court Required - Fine Reduction
  • Court Required - Non-resident

Other Reasons for Taking This Course:

  • DMV Required
  • Voluntary - Get 5 Safe Driving Points
  • Get Insurance Discount

► Virginia Point Reduction Driver Improvement Course: Court Required - Point Reduction

This course will dismiss your traffic ticket and keep points off your driving record. Only take this course if you have been referred by a Virginia court to complete a driver improvement program.
  • Take the course to get rid of a Virginia traffic ticket.
  • Reduces points from the comfort of your home

Virginia Fine Reduction Driver Improvement Course: Court Required - Fine Reduction

This course reduces fines and court fees associated with a Virginia traffic violation. Only take this course if you are out-of-state resident who received a traffic ticket in Virginia and have been referred by a Virginia court.
  • Take this  course to reduce court fines and fees.
  • Reduces your ticket fine

Virginia Non-Resident Driver Improvement Course: Court Required - Non-resident

This course is for non-Virginia residents who have incurred a Virginia traffic ticket. Only take this course if you have been referred by a Virginia court.
  • Take this course to get rid of Virginia traffic ticket
  • Dismiss the points from that traffic violation

Virginia DMV-Required Driver Improvement Course: DMV Required

This course is for those who have been referred by the Virginia DMV to take a driver improvement clinic.
  • Take this course to satisfy Virginia DMV requirements.
  • Reduces points from your license due to a traffic violation.

Virginia 5 Safe Driving Points Course: Voluntary - Get 5 Safe Driving Points

This course is voluntary for those who wish to receive 5 safe driving points. This course is for Virginia license holders only.
  • Take this Voluntary course to earn 5 safe driving points on your driving record.
  • Maintain safe and responsible driver status!

Virginia Insurance Discount course: Get Insurance Discount

If your insurance company offers a discount to customers who complete a driver improvement course, this is the option for you.
  • This course qualifies you for a insurance discount for up to three years.
  • Reduces your car insurance premium and save you time and money!

Driver Improvement Course Virginia Summary: Virginia Defensive Driving Course Benefits & Features
  • Meets every court & DMV requirements from home
  • Reduces points incurred by a Virginia traffic ticket
  • Reduces the associated fines and/or court fees
  • Earn 5 Safe Driving Points
  • Keeps your driving record clean & your insurance rates low.
  • Work at your own pace on your own schedule!
  • Guaranteed to pass!
Virginia DMV-Approved Course. Insurance Discount & Remove Points. Add Up To 5 Safe Driving Points. Fast Same Day Certificate Delivery. 100% Online. Easy Multiple Choice Quiz.

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