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What Can You Do To Get Out of a Ticket?

Quick on Your Feet - if you're prone to a lead foot, it's a skill you need to master.

Getting out of a speeding ticket is a bit of an art form; but if you're prone to a lead foot, it's a skill you need to master. Every officer is going to respond to your bull shit differently, and, depending on your mood, your ability to sell a particular excuse will vary. You have approximately 20 seconds from the time the cop steps out of the patrol car and strolls to your window to make a judgment call and decide which card you are going to play. Need ideas? Continue on for 9 ways to get out of a ticket.

Be warned, any one of these methods may not work for you on a given day. You take the risk. Oh, and if you get caught lying to an officer, this gallery doesn't exist.

Claim Ignorance

The best response when the officer inevitably asks you if you know how fast you were going, is simply "no." If you beef up your claim to obliviousness with some mumbo jumbo about having had a terrible day, breaking up with your girlfriend/boyfriend or finding out that you were adopted -- whatever reason you come up with for being distracted -- the officer will probably have no desire to deal with you. A confession to ignorance and a seeming bout of honesty might be enough to get you off with a warning.

Be Honest

Sometimes, honesty really is the best policy. Many a time has a driver told an officer exactly why he/she was speeding -- he just didn't notice he was going so fast, she was really getting into that song, he's still getting used to this new car -- and received a bit of mercy. As with any excuse or explanation, it all depends on how generous the officer is feeling. Cross your fingers, and hope for the best.

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